There are several ways to get your Print & Bind jpg files to us.

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Place your order thru our website.

Click the "Place Order" Tab above. It's just to the left of the Leather Craftsmen Logo.


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Upload directly to our FTP server.
You'll need an FTP client like FTP Surfer, Fetch, Transmit, or Filezilla.
We will supply you with the IP address, user name, and password.

How to FTP

Frequently Asked Questions - Getting Started with FTP

How to order Flush
Mounted Books (Print & Bind) via FTP

300 Hingeless

300 (with Linen Hinge)

1) Canvas size is 100%. Don't add bleed.
2) We recommend at least 1/2" (.5") safe zone.
3) We trim approximately 1/8" (.0125") from the 3 non-binding sides. Nothing off the gutter side.
4) Any book with Gilding, expect approximately 3/16" (.1875") of trim.

In other words, you will lose approximately 1/8" of image area on all four sides of an open spread during the binding process (3/16" if gilded), so please leave an adequate amount of image area. There is zero loss in the middle of the spread where the two prints meet.

How to order Matted Books (Print & Bind via FTP)


Fine Art


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Upload directly from Apple® Aperture™ 3.

Leather Craftsmen's Book Theme Templates for Apple® Aperture™ 3


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Upload directly from the AlbumExposure Interface.

AlbumExposure Interface

Five | 5 |

Mail or hand deliver a CD/DVD to Leather Craftsmen World Headquarters.

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