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Imprinting STYLE (4 to choose from)

Modern comes in 48pt & 30pt
Block comes in 24pt & 18pt
Italic comes in 24pt & 18pt
Old English comes in 24pt & 18pt

NOTE: We normally pick a font point size that works on the size book you've ordered and/or the position placement of the imprinting on the book. When you have two lines of text, normally we'll use the larger point size for line #1 and the smaller point size for line #2.

The typeface lettering offered in the imprinting world doesn't always have an exact match in the TrueType or OpenType world. The best matches we've found to our imprinting fonts are:
Modern = Kabel LTStd-Light
Block = Baskerville SemiBold
Italic = Baskerville SemiBold Italic
Old English = Engraver's Old English

Imprinting COLOR (7 to choose from)

Black, Copper, Gold, Red, Silver, White and Branded. NOTE: "Branded" is the absence of color not the process. The process is imprinting or stamping.

Imprinting CASE  (3 to choose from)

All Upper
All Lower

See how other photographers have used imprinting on our Imprinting Pinterest Board.

We can also create Studio Logo Dies from your artwork and keep it on file.
See how other photographers have used Studio Logo Dies on our Studio Imprinting Pinterest Board.

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