2017 Holiday Ordering Deadlines

There are two specific cut-off dates determined by album style, type of service, and cover treatment.


Deadline was Wednesday - December 6th - 11:59pm EST (USA or International)

3500, 300 Hingeless, and 300 Bind Only or Print & Bind Albums. Orders need to be received.
(If with PhotoPlate or Acrylic Cover treatment ~ Deadline is November 17th.)

ALL Flush Design/Print/Bind Album Order Designs need to be approved. ORDER BY November 17th.
This is for those who would like Leather Craftsmen to DESIGN your albums.



Deadline was Wednesday - November 1st - 11:59pm EST (USA or International)

7500 & 8500 Bind Only or Print & Bind Albums. Orders need to be received. 
These are the Hingeless MATTED albums.

700 & 800 Bind Only or Print & Bind Albums. Orders need to be received.
These are Hinged MATTED albums.

ALL Matted Design/Print/Bind Album Orders Designs need to be approved.  ORDER BY October 25th.
This is for those who would like Leather Craftsmen to DESIGN your albums.

ANY Matted order with a PhotoPlate or Acrylic Cover treatment.

Two Easy Steps for Christmas Delivery:

Step 1 - Organize/Number your jpgs and order thru The Leather Craftsmen Website
If you're ordering via FTP, fill out your Order Forms completely using either the application Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro. (Apple's application named "Preview" will corrupt your order forms).

Step 2 - When ordering thru The Leather Craftsmen Website, select the "NEED FOR CHRISTMAS" option. 
If you're ordering via FTP, or any other non-website application, clearly mark your Order Forms
"NEED FOR CHRISTMAS" in the Remarks Section.

IMPORTANT - ANY Album Order that comes in up to December 1st that are not marked
"NEED FOR CHRISTMAS" are NOT considered Christmas orders.

TIP - Submit your job before 11:59pm EST on the Cut-Off day listed above and immediately respond to any emailed or phone called question we have regarding your order. 

REMINDER - By marking your job "NEED FOR CHRISTMAS" you will bear any expedited shipping charge (if necessary) that is needed to get the album in your hands on or before December 23rd.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Christmas deliveries guaranteed?
Well, almost. We have had some issues over the years where the carrier completely failed on several deliveries due to really bad weather. We have no control over that.

Is it better to order through the Leather Craftsmen website "Place Order" system as opposed to uploading to your FTP server?
We think that ordering through the The Leather Craftsmen Website is a more fluid process and most of our clients now use that application to order their albums rather than the FTP site. Give it a try! If you find that you are still more comfortable ordering through the FTP site, you can still do it that way for the time being.

What is expedited shipping and why is it necessary?
Expedited shipping usually means Next Day Delivery. Our goal is to get your Christmas orders to you on time so we need the flexibility to be able to ship Next Day Delivery. We are bound by the limitations of the carrier that delivers your albums and we start doing expedited shipping when they no longer guarantee less expensive shipping methods for December 22nd and 23rd. We try to ship Standard Ground, 3-Day, and 2-Day, but as we get closer to December 23rd we reserve the right to ship Next Day Delivery at your expense.

Should I expect my Christmas order on December 22nd or December 23th?
Our goal is to get most Christmas orders in your hands on or before December 22nd, but in special cases, there could be albums that will also arrive on December 23rd.

If I send in my order in the middle of October and do not mark it “NEED FOR CHRISTMAS” when should I expect to receive that order?
Based on past experience, most albums that come in by mid October and are not marked for Christmas usually do in fact arrive before Christmas or during the few days after Christmas. However, some of those mid October orders that are not marked “NEED FOR CHRISTMAS” may arrive in early January 2018. That is highly unlikely, but possible. So, please pay attention to our instructions and cut-off dates above, and to your client’s Holiday needs.

Can I drop ship directly to my client?
Yes, you can drop ship directly to your client. You'll let us know at the time you place your order by typing in their name, address, and phone in the "Drop Ship To" field on the order form. IMPORTANT: Please remind your client that they will need to sign for the package.

I'm still ordering the FTP way or with Digital Studio v5 (not thru the Leather Craftsmen online "Place Order" system). Why must I use Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro to fill out my order forms? They appear fine in Apple's Application Preview?
No matter how good your forms look in Apple's Application named "Preview", they wind up on our end corrupted with missing information. That will stop your order dead in it’s tracks. If you already used the Order Form in "Preview", please put that form in the trash, and use a fresh Order Form and only open it up in Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro.
Fresh Order Forms can be downloaded here.

I do not have Acrobat Pro or Adobe Reader on my computer. What should I do?
Download a free version of Adobe Reader at http://get.adobe.com/reader/

When is the last shipping date in 2017?
The last shipping and production day for Leather Craftsmen in 2017 is Friday, December 22nd, therefore, if you are ordering on Friday December 1st, it's possible for your order to be shipped on Friday (12/22/17) for a Saturday (12/23/17) Christmas delivery. If your studio is not going to be open or you need time to deliver to your client, then get your order in sooner.

Can I order Studio Samples
If you are working on new albums for the Bridal Show season in January 2018, to get a discount, order them before November 1st. The last day in 2017 for a studio sample discount is November 1st. Get your orders in as early as possible and save. We'll still make studio samples in November and December, however, they just won't be discounted. We'll resume studio sample discounts January 1, 2018.

Top Tips To Remember:

(1) For manually submitted order form, in the Remarks Section of your Order Form, please type NEED FOR CHRISTMAS.

(2) Get any client drop shipping information before you place your order. Have it listed on the order form at the time you place your order. Make sure your client knows that they will need to sign for the package.

(3) Get your orders in as early as possible.

(4) If we contact you because of a layout issue or order form issue, this could hold up your order. Make sure to respond as soon as you get the call or email.


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